GLOBE stands for GLBTQ Loving Ourselves, Becoming Empowered.


GLOBE empowers youth to make healthy decisions by enhancing their knowledge, self-esteem & pride.


GLOBE is a group filled with people excited to provide a place where you will fit in.


GLOBE is a welcoming, diverse, and open-minded place; accepting GLBTQ youth - ages 14 to 20 years - regardless of gender or gender expression.


GLOBE allows you to be yourself, have fun, meet peers and share concerns about your life. Experienced facilitators lead discussions and provide referrals as needed.

GLOBE The most fabulous place to be on a Wednesday night!

Can't Miss

Weekly Meeting - Wednesday, April 01 (6pm-8pm)
  • Contact us at or 425.263.2908

  • Pink Prom 2015 - Saturday, April 04 (8pm-Midnight)
  • Location:Everett Community College; Henry M. Jackson Center
    –Youth-only event (14-20).
    –Substance free dance for GLBTQ and their friends.

  • Good News

    In 1993 a couple of local queer youth approached an out gay man who worked in HIV Prevention in Public Health of the Snohomish Health District. They asked for help because they had no place to meet, no one to seek advice from and nothing supportive.

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    GLOBE The most fabulous place to be on a Wednesday night!

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